Rhoda Byler

Kindy Care Center was started by Rhoda’s parents in the mid-1960’s. Rhoda spent part of her childhood growing up in the Kindy Care Center and still has a strong connection to several of our long-term residents. Rhoda’s sister and brother-in-law, John and Martha Forsee, were the next administrators. Rhoda took over the Kindy Care Center in early 2013 when the Forsee family moved out of state for a ministerial opportunity. She is administrator for both the Kindy Care Center and Rhoda’s House.

While administering and maintaining two homes can sometimes be challenging, Rhoda has a long history in doing so. She has fond memories of being a teenager and pushing two shopping carts around to shop for both homes. While it may have been a strange sight to see a young lady with so many groceries and a large grocery bill, that image continues to this day as Rhoda happily maintains both homes.